Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Proposal

My younger brother Michael just got engaged to his girlfriend Sarah Elledge. She is such a sweetheart! We love her!... maybe more than we love Mike. Just kidding. But we are so excited for the two of them and to add another person to our family! It's about time someone else in my family got married! (no offense to my other unmarried siblings!)

I was lucky enough to get to go with them for the proposal. Mike told Sarah that a friend in my parents ward (true) offered to take some members from our family on an airplane ride(not true... he asked him to do it). An airplane ride would normally be a dead giveaway to a proposal except Mike told her, "My sister Heidi is going." (True. He knew she wouldn't think he was going to propose if I was taging along.) The thing about 4 seater airplanes is that the people in the front seat wear headsets and really can't hear/see the people in the back. So it really still is personal. So I went with them, took pictures for mike, and helped Nick(the pilot) find "the spot". We took a little tour of fresno and then before landing found "the spot". She was surprised!... but also starting to feel a little sick! ha ha. We landed just shortly after that.... I mean I landed just shortly after that. Since I sat in the front seat, Nick(a pilot instructor) let me fly the airplane and land it (of course with his help!) It was pretty exciting. I'm not sure I like having that much control!

Congrats to Mike and Sarah! I'm glad we could all be a part of making it a memorable proposal!

Making the sign with 50 pounds of flour. Whitney took a tractor and smoothed out a field by where he lives.

Even Afton got to help... or more we made her think she was helping!

I climbed on the top of a car to get this pic.

Mike and Sarah in the airlplane ready to take off.

The Fresno Temple. Where they will be sealed!
And this picture I took for Logan. His old employer Childrens Hospital.

Millerton Lake

Last stop- "the spot"!

I forgot to take a picture of the ring! Michael had it made to be exactly what he knew she would want. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Update- Finally took a pic of the ring!


Anonymous said...

Okay, well, take a picture of the ring then! And a close up of the couple!!!!! That is so awesome! I want to go!

Rachel Magelsen said...

I left that last comment by the way.