Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blessing Day

We blessed Emery at 1 week old. Logan had to leave us and go back to school the following Saturday, so it really was the only time for us to do it.

Hanging out with dad at 1 week old.

It was a pretty and special blessing. Everyone came but most people had to leave right after the blessing so we opted to just take a pic of our little family after sacrament meeting. We thought it would be fun to put her in a bonnet for her blessing because it was pioneer day.

Starting to get fussy and hungry!

Our little fuzzy wuzzy girl!

We didn't get many pictures of just Emery so I decided to take more pictures in her blessing outfit a little later. Making her usual scowl! I swear she's making this face in all of her pictures!

And poor Logan's birthday got a little lost this year in all the excitement of Emery birth and blessing. Sunday night we did have a little party for him which included icecream, texas sheet cake (his favorite), presents, and videos from his childhood.... the New Kids On The Block dance routine is by far the favorite! We love you Logan! Happy Birthday to the best guy around!


evamarie said...

I love the scowl!

Heather said...

Those pictures are darling. She was so tiny. They grow way too fast. Your month of July was crazy!!!

Mattson Family said...

She looks so cute! Her dress is beautiful! You look AMAZING Heidi! I've never seen someone so skinny ONE WEEK after having a baby!