Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pioneer Day Celebration

We headed out to the Stake Pioneer Day celebration on July 23. Emery was 6 days old. It's hard just hanging around home when you have another kid that just wants to get out of the house and play. It also happened to be Logans 29th Birthday! I'm almost married to a 30 year old!! How did that happen! We got to the party and Afton said "Is this dada's birthday party?" I told her yes. She thought it was pretty cool!

It was quite the party. We were in Heaven! They had all our favorite things: Homemade lemonade, cotton candy, snowcone, kettle corn. As you can see Afton was pretty excited for all the treats and ate way to much sugar!

Pretty sticky!

After the pioneer day/ dada birthday party, we headed to the Christensens to do some swimming and hang out. They treated us to some pizza and ribs.

Jack and Emery. They are 6 weeks apart.

After all the fun we headed home. We heard a cry from Emery and headed in to see what was up. Somehow these stickers had ended up on her face... hmmm. I guess Afton thinks pretty highly of her. (Awesome!)


Mattson Family said...

I love that Afton was "sharing" her stickers! That is so cute!