Monday, November 7, 2011

Number 3!

Afton at three years old:
27.8 pds..... still haven't hit 30!
Can count to 10 in spanish.... most days.
Can count to 20 in english.
Knows all her letters and their sounds.
Can write her name and some of her letters.
Loves having mommy and daddy make up stories for her in bed... prefers dada's stories. :)
Loves having family home evening and knows the prophets: Adam, Noah, David, Jonah, Moses, Joshua, and Thomas S. Monson.
Loves singing all the time and making up her own songs!
Favorite songs: book of mormon stories, popcorn popping, slippery fish, shake my sillies out.
Loves reading books.
Loves playing kitchen, Candyland, and Go Fish.
Loves painting and preschool.
Loves her best friend Carson.
Is a total daddys girl but sometimes still just wants mommy.
Favorite activities: swimming, riding her bike, playing outside, dancing, and pretending.
Loves doing puzzles and drawing on her magna doodle.
Loves singing all of the Mary Poppins songs over and over again in the car.
Favorite animal: giraffe (not sure why she said that, but ok.)
Loves all animals but especially dogs.
Loves the movie Tangled.
Favorite colors: orange, pink, yellow.
And we love having her in our family. Such a sweetheart and a little spitfire all at the same time. we couldn't be prouder of our little 3 year old. We love you Affy girl!

Decorating for the big day. I'm glad he likes to put up streamers because I don't.

Birthday morning I asked her what she wanted for breakfast. Even offered to make her mickey mouse pancakes with chocolate chips and all she wanted was yogurt. Well that was easy!

Whipping around her little piggy tails!

Mickey Mouse club house was on in the background so I couldn't get her to look at me. :( On her way to preschool.

After preschool we had invited some of Aftons friends to come and go swimming with us at our complex. I had a lot to carry down and somehow forgot the camera. So no pictures. She had a lot of fun swimming with her friends!

Later that night we invited some freinds to come over for hotdogs, cake, and icecream. She had a lot of fun opening her presents.

Decorating her own cupcake. I had decided to not even attempt decorating a cake after last years epic fail. To humid!

Singing happy birthday... she loved it.

Emery and dad just chillin

Krissy brought over 2 of her dogs for Afton to play with. She was in Heaven!
In the kitchen... always in the kitchen.

Playing one of her new games with dada.... WAY past her bedtime!

With all of her birthday presents the next day.

She had some belated presents show up and some that still haven't made it. My mom shipped her birthday packages priority on 10/5 and 10/7. We didn't get the first one until 11/1 and still haven't recieved the second... the mail has been HORRIBLE lately. Literally... everything shipped has been getting her a month late! But getting late presents only means the excitment lasts longer.


Mattson Family said...

Happy Birthday Afton! It looks like it was a fun day!