Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ward Halloween Party

We had a good time at the ward Halloween party. I was asked to plan it with the help of a few other people in the ward. It was more work than I had anticipated. But it turned out to be an easy going and fun activity. There were a lot of people that showed up.

Afton decided that she wanted to be a "Super Affy". We went to wal-mart and I had her pick out the colors and fabric she wanted. She had a lot fun picking it out and was so excited for me to make her costume. She asked me everyday up until the party if I had made it. Everyday I said no and she would then ask me all day to make it. She was very persistent. She even got desperate enough and started asking Logan to make it. ha ha. I think next time I won't mention what the fabric is for! She loved wearing her costume and she loved that her sister was a "Super Emery" and matched her.

Logan and I were The Price is Right contestants. It was by far the easiest costume I have had to make. :)

Super Affy
She loved pretending she could fly!
Super Emery