Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas Card Pictures

This year I really wanted to e-mail out Christmas cards but it never happened. Too many other priorities. We did make it out to OSJ to take a few family pictures though. Here is what was supposed to be this years christmas card. :)

Not a huge fan of taking pictures

This was my attempt to show Afton how to run through the water fountain and not get very wet.... it didn't go well.

Piraguas= shaved ice

I wouldn't want to be in a wheel chair in OSJ. It's hard enough getting the stroller up and down the handicap ramps.

After pictures lunch at a place the Butlers showed us, Sam's patio. It was so so delicious and affordable. The mofongo and tostones were great.


evamarie said...

What cute family pictures. Your girls are so cute! I love Afton's grumpy face. You'll have to tell us where that restaurant is so we can check it out.