Sunday, February 12, 2012

Out with Mom

On Saturday Logan really needed to study so we decided to head out on our own to give him a quite house. It was quite the day. With our car once again broken down, Afton, Emery and I took the ferry to the OSJ to go to the childrens musuem. Of course Afton mentioned to me on the ferry ride over that she needed to go to the bathroom. Finding bathrooms here in PR isn't the easiest task so I decided I would try and hurry to the childrens museum. We got there a little early and then in true Puerto Rican form the musuem opened 20 minutes late. I realized getting her to a bathroom just wasn't going to happen so we got to practice her outside behind a bush squating skills that she leanred this summer camping. I decided that with the waiting and squating and stressing, we deserved a parcha icecream. When the museum finally opened we were so ready to get out of the heat and Emery was ready to nurse. We found the play area and I sat down in the comfy chair to nurse Emery. It was only 10 minutes before Afton had to go to the bathroom again, then again, then again. Before we left the museum 2 hours later, I got to help Afton go to the bathroom 4 times while holding Emery in one arm. Emery decided she also didn't want to make the trip an easy task for me and threw up on me 4 times and all over the ground once. I don't think the museum workers were very happy about that. After 2 hours I was ready to go home. We walked in the heat back to the ferry and of course, it didn't show up and we were stranded. Just as I was ready to find a taxi to take us home a bus showed up. It was the craziest/scariest bus ride I have ever been on. He was swerving in and out of traffic, flying past everyone, cutting people off, looking back at me and asking me questions, texting and answering his phone. I was so grateful when we were finally able to get off that bus and walk the rest of the way home! What a day, what an exhausting but memorable day.