Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bath Time

Emery loves taking baths and watching Affy take baths. As soon as she hears the water start she crawls to the bathroom as fast as she can. We had an incident recently where finally after weeks and weeks of trying to climb into the bath tub she did it. She slipped right in next to Afton and popped right up. I was right there and anticipating a cry or at least a startled look on her face from falling in but she popped right up out of the water happy to have finally made it in! I started bathing them together more since she obviously loves bathing with her big sister. She has also started trying to swim. It is hilarious! She kicks her legs as fast as she can, stretches out her arms, and while splashing dunks her face. We sure get a kick out of her wild spirit that she has adopted from her big sister.