Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out to Eat

Friday after a very long and hard week/day I decided I wanted to go out to eat. We had a giftcard to Outback Steakhouse that was calling my name. Logan wasn't really in the mood to go out for dinner after a long school day but I just couldn't get steak out of my mind. Being the good husband he is, he agreed and happily helped get the kids loaded and we went. Little did we know it would be the outing from.... you know. We were starving! Since this was months ago I'm starting to forget the terrible details but I can't forget the feeling of "I'm about to go crazy and lose my mind!" If you ever want to see the worst side of me (you don't) get me hungry and then don't feed me but taunt me with food. We got there and to our disappointment the resturant did not open for another hour and 15 minutes. What restaurant doesn't open until 6:00 for dinner? I'll spare you the details of the dinner: Aftons fall and scraped knees and hands, the manager deciding to have a meeting with his staff in front of us and open 20 minutes late, the fussy baby and kids, the banquet set up in front of us with great food that we couldn't eat, the slow waiter, the food taking forever to get to us; The list could go on and on. Needless to say we should have stayed home. The whole night wasn't a waste, we did have a little fun on the playground there and we did leave with full bellies, but it definitely wasn't the nice experience I had anticipated it to be... it was more of just survival and then eat your food as fast as you can so we can get the kids home. Maybe next time, if there is a next time.