Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lake Murray

There's this little lake right next to where we used to live. It has a big bike/running path pretty much all the way around it. One time Logan and I rode our bikes to it... Let me remind you San Diego is ALL hills. We both about died! haha. It kicked our butts! The weather was so nice and Logan had the afternoon off so we decided to return to take Afton for a little stroll. It was a great afternoon... and this time we weren't panting heavily when we left.


Tiff said...

That picture of you and Afton by the sunflowers is pricless! You both look beautiful!


Sharon said...

The pictures are so beautiful!!!

Eddingtons said...

I agree with Tiff. The picture of you and Afton by the flowers is my favorite. She is getting so big.