Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday was Logans only day off this week. He's been working a lot of 6 day work weeks. Poor guy. Friday night he also worked a 14 hour shift so he left at like 6 Friday and didn't get home until Saturday morning around 7:30! He slept for a couple of hours while Afton and I played in the living room but ended up getting up because he "didn't want to waste his day off sleeping". We decided to head to Balboa park to see what was happening there.... there is always something going on. Sure enough there was. The organ pavilion was filled with dancers showing custom dances from their countries. We got there in time to see The House of Mexico perform. There were also a lot of people taking pictures. There were mom's with their kids dressed in their easter outfits taking pictures, 4 weddings and 4 girls taking quinceanera pictures... lots of fun. We hadn't been inside the Botanical building yet and got there just in time to take a quick look (5 minutes before it was closing).

Heading up to the Organ Pavillion.

Bummer. Maybe they're carnivorous too.


And a family pic. For some reason Afton was fascinated by the sky for like 10 minutes.


Eddingtons said...

What a beautiful place. Sometime when I get a chance to come to Cali-I'm going to have you show me around to all the places that you go. You guys sure have lots of fun. That's awesome. I especially like the pics of you and Afton by the fountains.

Zion And Missy said...

I love it! It's nice to see you guys get out and going places. Just wait until you have #2 (kids #2 I mean)....your blog will look like mine. :/ She is getting so big, I can't wait to meet her....less than one week!

Robby and Katie said...

Love the cute hat! Love the picture of Afton in the sky with Logan. Were any of the plants that were in the pictures carnivorous?