Friday, March 13, 2009

The Modest are the Hottest

So every summer the vain of my existance was trying to find a modest swimsuit! I usually just resorted to wearing my lifeguarding speedo since finding a cute midrif covering swimsuit was practically impossible! But now there are so many options! I Love it! So here is a list of some places to find CUTE, and MODEST swimsuits! (some of the places haven't released their new lines for this summer but keep checking their websites... their coming! And some of these sites have swimsuits that aren't modest also) This one's cool because all of thier swimsuits can be worn three ways (halter, tank, or criss cross.) Thier 2009 line isn't quite out yet but I'm really looking forward to it. This websites set up a little weird but still check it out!

If you know of some great sites for modest swimsuits leave a comment and let us know!


Trevor and Jamie said... has some cute ones too! They aren't out until April 1st, but I got mine there last year and love it! You can wear it three ways too!

Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

Thanks for sharing! I didn't know a few of those! xoxox