Friday, October 16, 2009


If you've read our other posts you will know what that means! :) We made another one at the beginning of August. It was a fun little trip. We went to a grizzlies game and had a whole weekend to hang out with family and friends.

I went into the cage to try and catch a chicken for Afton and one flew straight into the fence where Afton was at and startled her. She cried a little so we spent a lot of time checking out the chickens so that she knew they weren't scary. Here dad caught one for her to get a close look at.

At the grizzlies game sitting with cousin Kyla.

The whole crew, minus Logan who was taking the picture.

Ella, Charlie and Robbie went to the soak zone. Robbie was a good sport about it!


bretandjulie said...

Now that you'll be moving there, I guess that means no more QTTF. Enjoy being near family and congrats on the new job. You'll be awesome! And Afton with the chocolate chips is priceless.