Sunday, January 30, 2011


Thanksgiving dinner was spent with a lot of friends. We're so lucky to have good friends here in PR. I planned a little dinner for all the students/anyone at the church. It was a huge sucess, and by huge success I mean the food was GREAT! I was worried that there wouldn't be enough food and there was more than enough food. Lots of left overs for everyone to take home! I ended up making the turkey. It seems that no one else really wanted that responsibilty. But it wasn't so bad, infact it ended up being one of the easiest things to make. I made the rub the night before and put it all over the turkey then in the morning got up and put the turkey in the oven to cook before we left for the game. Easy!! However, my car smelt like rotten flesh for the following weeks! While transporting the turkey from the store to my house the juices leaked all over the carpet! Worst thing to have to clean up! Next time I will be prepared and take a garbage bag with me!!

All the food! It was one long table!

The kiddie table. We had cupcake decorating for the kids. Afton skipped "sprinkling" and went straight to drinking the sprinkle.

Once again no family picture. But atleast we have one of us together. Our 6th Thanksgiving together! That went fast!

And miss messy mouth. Somethings never change!

The cupcake table turned war zone. Of course the majority of the mess was under the table!
Conveniently the closet that all the cleaning supplies were in was the one closet we did not have a key for. We had to get pretty creative to clean up after our dinner. We had a great dinner and feel so blessed to be here in Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment.

Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving morning there was a turkeybowl! I loaded up Afton, picked up our friend Tiff, accidentally left out my friend Heather(sorry!!) and went to the game. Next year I hope to have a telephoto lens so I can get better action shots! But that's wishful thinking! We had a good time...
... well most of the time. With a 2 year old in tow, there's always a little crying. ha ha

All the guys! It was pretty much the optometry, dental, and med students. I don't know about the rest of these guys but Logan was sore for about a week after this little game. ha ha I had a good time teasing him that I ran a triathalon pregnant and wasn't sore afterwards (except for my behind as mentioned previously!) and he played a little game of flag football and could hardly move or lift things for days! I guess I have more time to do stuff like that!

The field was just across the street from the beach(Condado). Once we got there I thought to myself, why didn't I wear my swimsuit! After the game we walked over and got Piraguas (snow cones) from a little stand. They were so good. They make them and then always squeeze a fresh orange ontop of it. Mmmm.

The beginning of a happy Thanksgiving!

Me and My Friends

Every night she has to sleep with all of her "friends" and every morning she gets out of her crib and cries, "everybody." We have to make sure and bring all of her stuffed animals out to the living room. No stuffed animals left behind!

Affectionately petting her alligators head.


We've been building a lot of things with blocks lately. This girl blows me away with how smart and quick she is!

One day as I was going through the daily routines, Afton came and got me because she wanted to show me her blocks. I walked over and she said, "See mommy! A daddy F and a baby F." I was impressed! I thought maybe it was just something she built accidentally and then she noticed that they looked like F's. I was wrong. She then proceeded to build more letters. An H, I, T, and E. Anything she could think of and figure out how to build she tried. Literally she blows me away. Where did she get this from?! I had to take 2 years of kindergarden to finally remember my letters and she's 2 and building them with blocks!

With a T she built

And a huge tower/wall. She had a little help making the tower that tall! She loves her blocks!

PR Womens Triathalon

The weekend before Thanksgiving I had the chance to do a triathalon sprint. It was a 600 meter swim, 12.4 mile bike, and a 5k(3.2mile) run. It turned out to be quite the adventure. The swim went great but then it was onto the bike. Unfortunately, all that anyone had for me to borrow was an old mountain bike that we had to WD40 the chain before. ha ha (but thanks to Kandace for letting me borrow it!) I was pedaling so hard on my mountain bike while everyone on their nice road bikes zoomed by. I've learned there really is a big difference between the two! Another difference I learned is that mountain bikes aren't really made to be sat on like road bikes are. My poor behind was so sore by the end of my ride (and for the following week!). Then onto the run... lets just say I got lost... for about 10 minutes! Are you kidding me! Surprisingly, when I got lost I felt the urge to cry about it. What?! I didn't, but seriously, that's not really something I would normally feel like crying about! I knew something was up. I went home and did a little "research" and sure enough, 5 WEEKS PREGNANT.

Afton, up bright and early and still in her PJ's!

Me and my friend Julia who trained with me at the swimming pool. It was so nice to have someone to go with and switch-off watching each others kids while we swam.

While I was biking, poor afton was playing in the grass and started crying "HELP!" She had 11 ant bites on her foot and leg. The ants here are insane! The bites swell then turn into sores that last for like 2 weeks. poor girl.

And finishing... It probably wasn't my best race. ha ha But I finished and that was good enough!

And for the best part... Our little alien. Atleast that's what the baby looks like right now. We couldn't get a cute side profile in the last ultrasound so for all you people that just can't see, the face is on the right and the chest on the left. At my 13 week appointment they said it was looking like it might be a girl! Both Logan and I kinda felt like we'd have another girl next.... so we shall see. Either way we are very excited! Due date: July 28th, just before school starts for Logan on August 4th!

At the Park with Friends

Another beautiful November day in sunny Puerto Rico.

Birthday #2

This is the never ending birthday for Afton! She's loved every minute of it. A package from her Nana and Papa (Logan's parents) arrived early November and she was so excited to open more presents.

And she had her buddy over to enjoy it with.

Thanks Nana and Papa!

Friday, January 28, 2011


We have a raquetball court in our complex that Afton calls the "tunnel." At nights before bed Logan and her like to go together to the "tunnel" and run around crazy, kicking rubber balls, before taking her bath and getting ready for bed. It's a nice little time for them to have together by themselves (as afton sometimes says "stay here mommy!") and it's a nice little break for me to have by myself at home! :)

After the tunnel we went to one of the parks in our complex and played for a few minutes. Afton was climbing up the slide and I reminded her to hold onto the bars at the top and she said "the H" and I said, "no the bar." Then I realized she was just smarter than me. Sure enough there is an H at the top. :)

Real Halloween

Things were pretty scary around here! jk For Halloween we had an simple Sunday. Logan actually spent most of the day studying. We took a break to have to little family time and give Afton her Halloween treat... stickers. She had a enough candy already!

Putting stickers everywhere. We have since had many lectures to remind her that stickers only go on PAPER!
A sticker on dada's face.
Happy Halloween!