Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Weekend in PR

What a week! It started with noticing our car leaking on Easter Sunday. That Monday I took it into the dealership to try and find out what was wrong with it and of course, after 3 hours they said they could not even diagnose the problem for another week. So still having no idea what was wrong, I drove around trying to find some mechanic that could help me. I found a shop that one of Logan's classmates had recommended to us and luckily they immediately checked it out. They tried the best they could to explain to me in half English/half Spanish what was wrong. I understood that it was the manifold (not a good thing) but he didn't know what to call the gasket in English. He just kept telling me it was a seal. They also said they could not fix it because they were to full and only taking small jobs. I once again had no one to help me.

Tuesday I spent all day calling around trying to find someone to fix our car. Half of that time was spent struggling through spanish, finding translators, or finding someone that knew good enough english to help me. It was a long day! All the while Logan really could not be any help to me. He had an exam on Wednesday that decided whether he could be in Fresno with us this summer and there for the baby to be born. Pretty stressful! Luckily Logan got a minute and found a number to another dealership in PR. I called them and was told to bring it in on Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. if I wanted for them to be able to help me that day. I got there at 7:05 and already there were a few people ahead of me.

Thursday afternoon they had an estimate for me... about 800.00 dollars. Ouch, but really what else can we do. They also said they didn't have the parts needed to fix it so they would have to order them which would make it take longer. I knew the odds of me getting the car back before I left were slim. That means my last week and a half in PR would be spent without a car. I thought to myself, well it looks like we'll be swimming everyday! Nope, it decided to be a rainy schedule for the last week and a half that we're here.

Friday Logan got home from school early so we caught the ferry out to Old San Juan in the afternoon. Not much else we could do without a car! We ended up having a great time together. Of course our kite that we had was in the car at the dealer, along with our stroller. We ended up paying 2.00 dollars for this one. Well worth the couple bucks.

Flying kites at El Morro... the wind here was sooo strong. We thought it just might snap the kite.

This made me laugh so hard. I'm really glad I caught this moment. Logan about to be hammered by the kite. Luckily it just missed him. After this we made sure to stand in a safe spots. The kite was dive bombing at killer speeds!

Having a great time.

Another good laugh. The wind pulled the string right out of Afton's hands. I don't blame her. I was holding it once and almost lost it too! I'm not very fast these days so it was up to Logan to chase it down.

27 weeks

Our little jumpy girl. She could jump off of things for hours.

Logan had a little too much fun taking pictures this day. I gave him the death (stop taking pictures of me) look right after this one!

Her little hiding spots. They were just her size.

Saturday we headed out early with some friends to try and catch the ferry in Fajardo to Culebra, a beautiful island off of Puerto Rico. We got there an hour and ten mins before the ferry left. Last time they told us they don't sell tickets until an hour before. When we got there they were already announcing over the intercom that the tickets were sold out. Things here can be pretty undependable. Next time I think we'll just have to go really early. We had a back-up plan.... always a good idea here in PR. Instead we went to the close by Luquillo beach. It was beautiful and we ended up having a great time.
Tyler and Tiff(our friends) have a blow up dinghy that they store in the back of their truck. They blew up the boat and took it out to tour the area (I stayed behind and watched the stuff). Here is a little coral/seashell island that Logan got to check out.


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