Monday, August 20, 2012

Back in Business... Maybe

Well I'm hoping to be back in blogging business. I finally have a working laptop that I am hoping won't breakdown anytime soon.. cross our fingers. So I have a lot of catching up to do! Here's where I left off. Back in February, yes february, we had a day of running errands to get things for the new apartment. Afton was a great big sister and held the phone up for lulu so she could watch some shows.

After running errands we decided to finally finish some projects. Putting together Aftons playhouse was on the top of the list. We bought this house at a friends "moving from the island sale" for 20 bucks! (Thank you Nellie!). It had been sitting in our upstairs waiting for us to move to a place that we could actually put it up. So after months and months of waiting, and Afton asking everyday for us to put it together, we finally didi. Afton was in Heaven.

We decided to finish off the day with an afternoon at the park. Before leaving Afton constructed this crown, and surprisingly it actually fit.

We had a great time and finished off the afternoon with some rootbeer floats that Logan had packed.