Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dr. Visit and Drive-in

Going to the Dr. here feels like torture. Emery needed her shots so I called the Dr. and asked the office lady when they were offering shots because here, most places only offer them 1 day a week... which doesn't make any sense. Anyway, she told me to come on wednesday and I could get Emerys shots taken care of. So of course on Wed I load the kids up and drive to the office. We sit in the lobby for about an hour while sweating our guts out since there is no AC. Finally they ask for me to come up to find out what we're there for and tell me... "oh, we decided to not do shots today." Are you kidding me? Just decided huh?! That's what life is like here 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent of the time is awesome.

Just a little preview of the girls Dr. Office.... before moving here I would have never taken my kids anywhere that looked like this. But now I realize that's just what buildings look like here. Cement slabs covered in paint... the only thing hurricane proof. And notice the parking... yes, someone has blocked in the other cars. everyday parking here in PR.

The day turned for the better when Logan text me the directions to a lady he found selling this car on clasificados (the PR craigslist) for 10 bucks. We met up with her and came home to enjoy a little afternoon at the drive-ins.