Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Childrens Museum

The first day of March we headed to the new Childrens Museum in Carolina. It was great and Afton loved it. We've been back 1 time since and I don't think it will ever get old... just wish it was cheaper.

It pretty hard to miss with this stretched out all the way across the road...

...And this parked out in the front. Heather and I got a kick out of this attraction. All the other kids at the museum were so excited to tour the airplane except for ours. They've done it way to many times to be tricked into thinking it's fun.

My happy little girl. Such a good baby. I love her sweet little face.

With some friends in the little town. There was a police station,

a dentists office,

A fire station,

A grocery store,  newstation, bank, and a few other stops in the little town. And right in the middle of the museum is this huge volcano that "errupts" every 15 minutes It's really loud! It really freaked Afton out at first. There's a slide that goes through part of it and also a climbing wall on one side but it took some serious coaxing to get her near it to try either of those out.

Can I just say how much I hated hated my hair. definitely not fond of the copper/ redish/ blonde streak hot mess it was thanks to the stylist that didn't listen to a word I said. Luckily it has been fixed back to blonde since I took this picture.

A cool piano. They had all sorts of fun musical instruments... even a water bubble organ.

The magnet wall

And I think this by far beats the little water table they have at the childrens museum in Old San Juan... by far.

There's a race car area, a little boy favorite.

By the time we got home Afton was wiped out... by of course Emery was wide awake.