Monday, October 6, 2008

Almost done

I decided to make all the bedding for our little girls crib and drum roll please... I am almost done. I have to add a few ties to the bumper and get the blanket quilted and it will be finished. When I first picked out this fabric people said "for baby bedding?" Yes for baby bedding. I'm just not much of a pastel person... at all. So the colors are very bright and fun. She might not be able to fall asleep at night but atleast she'll be sleeping in some really cute bedding! :)I must admit, I almost gave up a couple of times.... especially when I started making the bumper. Who knew bumpers were that difficult!? The bumper might not of been as hard if I had not made my own pattern. Maybe next time I'll turn to the professionals and try using a pattern.... but probably not. :) Luckily during the bumper part I had my friend Sharon with me to keep me from throwing the sewing machine. :) Thanks Sharon! Anyway, this is what it's going to look like. I'll post another picture when it's finally complete and in the crib that we don't have yet. :)

The quilt is folded up in this picture but hopefully soon I will get it quilted together.

I also made sheets out of the bright pink color.

I thought that I'd add some other projects that I tackled this summer. I love being creative and putting these together... except when I'm using a sewing machine that is being difficult. Anyway, these were for my newest neices Lucy and Sunny. I make blankets for all my new neices and nephews and I've noticed that with each one I get a little more confident in my sewing abilities and attempt a little more.


Trevor and Jamie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Those are SO SUPER CUTE! I love them! You did a very good job!