Sunday, October 26, 2008

Date Night

Logan had planned a date night for us to go on before Afton arrived. It was going to be our last big night out together. It was planned for Monday the 13th of October (since that was a night that Logan had work off) but we never made it. As you know she was 3 weeks early and came on the 11th... so we had to take a rain check on that date of ours. This weekend we finally got the chance to go on our date. Logan didn't have to work Friday night so we took ourselves out. I love going out with Logan and wish he didn't have to work at all! Of course we took Afton with us since she kinda need me to eat, but it was alot of fun having her with us. We went to Old Town, San Diego and went on a tour of this real haunted house. I was not spooked at all and it's pretty easy to scare me. Then we toured around Old Town and got some candy at the candy shop: Salt water taffy, fudge for Logan, and hard stick candies. It was huge brick of fudge and I think Logan wiped it out in a day! There were all these people walking around with their faces painted like skeletons and old ragged clothes on. It was fun and put us in the mood for Halloween. Then we went to Black Angus for dinner. Of course we had a coupon, a four course meal for two people for 30 bucks. It was a lot of food! We ended up eating the left overs today for lunch and I had the left over appetizers yesterday for lunch. Not bad! The down part was that right as we were about to eat Afton decided she wanted to eat... the little stinker. But no biggie, it was all a lot of fun. I hope we get more opportunities to go out together.

Wrapped in her Halloween blanket Debbie Rowley made for her. So cute!

Infront of one of the buildings there is an old scale. Logan thought I should give it a try and found out just how much I weigh now. I haven't weighed myself since before she was born. We don't have a scale. So the results are in...10 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant and diggin the curves.


bretandjulie said...

You look amazing Heidi! Do you know how silly you sound? Afton is just a few weeks old and your only 10 pounds more than before you got pregnant. Girl, that is awesome! You look like such a great mom and I'm glad that you were able to enjoy an evening out with your hubby. And just think, in about 6 months, you'll actually be able to go on a real date with him and leave Afton for more than 2-3 hours.