Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Nicu

At 4 days old we went to the pediatrician for a check-up and he said Afton still looked really jaundice. We were sent to the hospital to have her blood tested once again. We went home and started relaxing when we got a call from the doctor saying Afton needed to be re-admitted to the hospital. Her jaundice level was a 21. In the upper 20's is where organ damage starts to happen. :( So we took her back to the hospital. :( The Nicu was the worst experience in the world! It was the only time during this whole event that I have come a little close to crying. I'm not much of a crier but I came very close to losing it. The day staff was great but the night staff was horrible! I won't go into details about it all but I ended up having to stay all night to feed Afton. Our day nurse and lactation specialist really really felt that she needed to be breast fed but the night nurse didn't want us to because it was extra work for her. They gave us a chair to sit in the whole time we were there but then told us that we could not fall asleep sitting in the chair... we had to stay awake the whole time. Let me remind you I had just given birth 4 days ago and was really tired, my bottom area was sore, and I had stitches down there.... sitting in a chair and not being allowed to even close my eyes was just mean! It was also horrible to not be able to hold her once again. Poor girl! Logan and I both swear that the nurse was doing everything she could to make our lives miserable. Most of the nurses were great but of course we got assigned the one that had apparently had a really bad day. We are glad that whole experience is over! We were able to take her home the next day and luckily my mom was there to watch her while we slept a few hours to catch up on our zzzz's.

At the Dr's appointment.

They told us to get her undressed so they could weigh her. The second we took off her diaper she pooped and peed all over the scale. haha. Logan got to clean that mess up. :)

Getting baked

She loved how warm the lights were. You can tell how relaxed she is in this picture.

Logans really tired in this pic. It was a very long night!


Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

sweetie! that is horrible! i'm sorry you had such an awful experience! i remember having just a taste of that with jocelyn for having a fever. isn't it amazing how much difference a nurse can make your experience?

she's darling! i'm glad all is well now! amazing the technology! she looks so precious on that bille bed.

glad your mom could be there to help and give you both time to sleep. mom's, i'm sorry, grandma's are amazing like that! xoxox

happy you're happy!

thank heavens for blogs that way i know what's going on!

Jared and Lindsey said...

our stories are so similar! I feel your pain with the NICU experience. I know what that feels like. We had to leave our little Lily in there for 3 days! No fun. I'm glad she is doing better.
I can't wait til Lily and Afton are building sand castles together at Leo Carrillo :)

Robby and Katie said...

She looks so tiny in Logan's arms. You will be a good dad Logan. We hope that you three are doing well. You are up blogging, so things must be pretty good. Thanks for posting all of the pictures, so we can see what she looks like!