Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Luncheon

I went up to Fresno for a couple of days to finish sewing my baby bedding and for a baby luncheon that my mom and sister were throwing for me. It was alot of fun to see everyone, chat, and recieve such great gifts! People were so generous! I was not expecting the luncheon to be as nice as it was either. My mom and sister really went all out. There was lots of great food, and fun decorations. Speaking of the decorations, they used some of the decorations from our wedding... so fun! We didn't play any games. That was the one condition I had for having this luncheon. You would be surprised how many people thanked me afterwards for not having games. haha. I really appreciate the love and support that everyone gave me. Thanks to everyone that came and those that coudn't make it! It was so nice to feel well taken care of by my big Fresno/church family.

Getting the setting up finished

The dessert table. My mom got my favorite caramel apples rocky mountain chocolate factory... so good! The pumpkin roll, tarts, brownies and fruit weren't bad either!

There were turkey and provolone panini's, lemonade with different flavorings to add, strawberrie spinach salad, chinese chicken salad, and some other salad that I forget at this table. The food was great! Maybe my mom should consider becoming an event planner. :)

A diaper cake that my mom and sister Ashlee put together.

Usable center pieces are the best idea!

Debbie Rowley made this beautiful quilt. I know it took alot of work! I love it!

Gotta have the diaper Genie! Thanks Holls! Now I can't use the baby as an excuse for my house not smelling fresh!

And a tutu from Ashlee and Sharon. Really funny guys! :)

The girls that could make it. Sorry you had to miss it Hill and Rachel. But don't worry, your familys came to represent! :)

After the Shower my mom, sister and I set everything out to take one big picture of it all. There was so much stuff that it was hard to fit it in one picture! So we took two pictures of everything set out and then a big one with me in it. Really cute stuff! I know that I was really really spoiled!

Click on the pictures if you want to see them close up! Maybe you can find your gift somewhere in there! :) Thanks again everyone!


Sterling and Konni said...

You are so blessed!! Did you fit all of that in your car when you went home? Oh my goodnss! I need Aunt Gwen and Ashlee to plan my baby shower when we're chosen by a birth mom. That's great Heidi. Sometimes I hate your stinkin' guts because your having a baby, then, I just look at your cute baby belly and smile. We're happy for you.

Trevor and Jamie said...

Wow Heidi! You are spoiled! :) haha j/k that is awesome! I can't wait to see your little girl! I'm hoping we can make it down there sometime!

bretandjulie said...

Wow! You should be set for the first year. You really are loved by so many people, it must be because you're such a sweetheart. Now you've got to get it all washed and in the drawers before she comes.

kate said...

Woah! If you aren't ready now, will you ever be?! :) You are cutest pregnant lady EVER. I love reading your blog! You better get Logan trained so that he can post a pic when she gets here!

Becky Smith said...

Wow! Heidi I wish I would have known about the baby shower I would have loved to have been there! yes I am back in Fresno! I am so happy for you and I would love to see you! P.S. You look beautiful even pregnant how do you do it??

Josh and Claudia Tieman said...

That is a TON of baby stuff!! That is so cool! And I LOVE those diaper cakes! The cutest idea!! I agree with Kate you are the cutest pregnant lady and I bet you guys are getting so excited for her to be here soon!! Josh and I are very happy for you guys and can't wait to see her!! Love you guys!!