Thursday, May 6, 2010

18 month checkup

Weight: 22 pounds (25th%)
Height: 32 inches (50th%)
Head: 19 inches (95th%!!!)

One big noodle! And the poor girl needs to gain some weight! She was pretty good with all of her shots, especially since they give them gummy worms afterwards.

loved listening to her heart and mama's heart.

Gummy worms made everything feel better.

Her new prescription. Mom wanted this but dad wasn't so sure about it until the Dr. told him why. It only took one fussy day for the sippy cup to be gone (she's never taken a pacifier or bottle). Not bad at all. Now she drinks out of a regular cup all the time.

With her band-aids.
And once she noticed them there she ripped them off.

We also had a crazy storm that day. Lots of thunder, lightning, and hail. Logan and Afton sat outside on the porch and watched it storm for about an hour.

Then it was time for horsy rides. Her new favorite thing.


oh we love this girl.