Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Saying goodbye is so hard to do! I'll miss my white car (or as dad liked to call it, the "peep mobile"). I've had it since I was 15. It's the one car Logan and I have had for our whole marriage. So sad. Does anyone else get this attached to their things? But letting go of all of our things is so worth what we've been offered. We're excited to move to Puerto Rico and for Logan to start school. So peace out cars. Be good to your new owners.... atleast until we leave so they can't find us. ;)

Selling cars is such a pain. It seems like everything goes wrong! Anyway, we had to meet the person to sell our blue car in Madera and it took three hours or negotiations, driving away, coming back, mind games, etc. I hate that stuff. But finally it was finished and we could come home.

The crew. We had to take Afton and our Nephew Mazur. I was actually glad Maz came, he entertains Afton.

Sealing the deal. :(

She's smiling now but there were some very emotional spurts during this trip. I don't blame the girl. 3 hours!!! It was supposed to take 1.