Friday, May 14, 2010

He's in!

Well last Saturday we found out some very exciting news! Logan got into Dental School! It's so great to see the payoff of so many years of hard work. It's really really hard to get in right now so we were expecting for it to take a couple of years. Literally there are thousands of people applying for like 40 spots at schools. So, where are we going?.... Puerto Rico. Yah I know some of you are thinking "what?!" and "is that legite?!" So here's the story of how it all began. When going through the whole tedious process of applying to school 2 years ago, Logan was on the adsas website. Basically you apply to all the school through one website. The website sends all the schools that you request your info, transcripts, Dat scores etc. Then the schools contact you and you send the schools secondary information. When Logan was going through the list of schools to apply for he noticed the University of Puerto Rico(UPR) was one of the options. So after looking into it he found out that it is infact a US school (since they are a US territory) and that the exams and books are in English (inorder for it to be accredited it had to be) but that the teachers had to option of lecuring in Spanish, since their patients will most likely speak spanish. So we jumped on it and applied there too! Why not! He had an interview in December and found out that each year they only accept 1-2 out of staters; we felt our odds go down. :( Then we got the letter that we had been hoping for! He is in and will be starting school the first of August! So exciting for us and for him. He's worked so hard for this. So:

yes, it is legite
yes, it is completely accredited as all the other US schools
no, it is not really cheap, no denatl school is cheap!
no, it is not like going to school in Mexico (not to make that sound bad, just
a lot of people have asked me that)
no, he will not have to do any other schooling or take any other exams to practice here (just the same exam they all take after they graduate.)
yes, we will be living in Puerto Rico for the next four years.

To celebrate, Logan called into work and instead we all went out to eat. It's always more fun going to dinner when you have something to celebrate!

We will be moving out of the house we were renting in two weeks. We are currently selling pretty much everything we own since shipping it was going to cost about 8,000dollars for a 10x10 space.

So if you might be interested in renting, the Rowleys in the Northstake own the house. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 livingroom house. It has the perfect size little backyard with grass for kids. It across the street from some great neighbors (my parents). If you interested, let them or me know.

Also, we are having a HUGE GARAGE SALE Saturday 5/15 (tomorrow)! We have to sell everything!! Starts at 7:00 a.m. so stop by!! We need to get rid of this stuff asap and we will have all sorts of stuff to sell. Some of you have already stopped by for the pre-sale.. thank you!! Here's the info:

6498 N. 7th st.
Fresno, Ca. 93710


Audrie said...

This all sounds very exciting to me. Congradulations Logan!!!!

Eddingtons said...

Wow that is awesome, congrats to him!!! Good luck. Stay in touch. We will miss you so much. But what a great adventure for you and your family!!

The Barnums said...

How exciting! Brina served is mission in Puerto Rico and loved it! Knowing you, you won't want to be leaving after four years. We plan on visiting there, so when we come we will have to hang out. Let me know if you need any info. Congratulations!

Amanda said...

Wow! Congrats to Logan! That is just nuts though! I don't know how well I would handle having to go with my hubby to Puerto Rico. I am so not adventurous like that. But it sounds like you are embracing it and that is just awesome!