Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leo Carrillo

This is a very long post. But, it was a very long week. Camp sure is a lot of work when you have small kids but they love it. It was so good for Afton and us to spend a whole week outside in nature. She loved it and we only lost her twice! Yah, two small freak outs. One time she was in my moms tent being very quiet and the other time one of my cousins daughters had taken her to the bathroom and I didn't know. So she wasn't really lost but it was scary when I couldn't find her.

This girl loves bugs! She would spot a bug and gt down low and crawl with it and laugh. She got a lot of chances to hold beetles and caterpillars.

Afton and her best buddy Tia. They were so cute together. Occasionally they would get on each others nerves but for the most part they were so sweet to each other.

We're not sure why she kept putting this bucket on her head.

Mike and his girlfriend Sarah.

Kris and Emily came to camp with us for a night. It was so good to see them. We definitely miss them. Hopefully when we move to Puerto Rico, they'll come visit us there. (more on that later)

This wagon was a hit. The kids loved riding in it on walks.

See, best buddies.

Aiden was trying to avoid this picture. He had marshmallow all over his face.

Good morning baby girl. She loved sleeping with mom and dad.

Getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt. We go every year usually the week before Easter so while we are there we have an egg hunt with candy to last us the whole week.

First Easter that she could actually collect eggs and she did. Once she discovered that there was candy in them it was hard getting her to try and find more. She just wanted to find one, sit down and eat the candy, then go find another.

A double handed grab. Pretty impressive.

Bubbles were big entertainment for the week. It didn't take long to brake this bubble machine and our big bubble wand.

Brooklyn Tilley (aka Tia)

Heading to the beach

She loves shoveling. It's currently her favorite word. "Shoooovel!"

And every year we never make it out without atleast one accident. Last year maz just about fell in the fire pit and burned his leg pretty bad (he proceeded to call that his "fire leg" for the following year). This year Debbie spilt boiling water from the dutch oven onto her foot. It was a bad burn.... we're talking 3rd degree. She had to go to ER and then to the doctor for the following weeks to have it scrubbed and bandaged.

The blisters got to be about 3 times this size. They were huge!

See, best buddies. Loved feeding and hugging each other.

And this post is finally over!