Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekend Visit

Kiley and her kids (Kaedyn and new baby Colby) came to visit for a short weekend. They brought the game Just Dance for the wii. The kids loved it... ok and the adults too! It was fun getting everyone together for the weekend. Unfortunately I had to work through most of it. But that's ok, maybe next time.

Friday everyone headed to Kyla softball game.

Most of the crew.

Baby Colby

Kyla in action! (she's the batter)

Saturday we went to Big Hat Days in Old Town Clovis. Only Logan, Afton and I went but we still had fun and loved the food. Of course I got a snowcone!

Sunday everyone went to Logans parents house for dinner and to hang out. Afton can smell treats from a mile away and will bum food off of everyone! Logans dad had to share his cake with 3 toddlers.
And hopefully Aaron Katie won't see this or kill me if they do. :) Too much fun. :) Aaron was the dancer of the night. He kept beating everyone!