Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Lane

Since we went to Fresno so early this year we also made it in time to walk Christmas tree lane. It was freezing! I was so glad we didn't take Emery! Just Ashlee, Afton and I went. We had a good time. While there we noticed the spotlight helicopter circling above us and sirens going off. We knew that couldn't be a good sign and because we know fresno we knew it had to be something gang related. Sure enough there was a stabbing the night we were there. A bunch or teenage gang members got in a fight... so lame they have to show up and ruin events for the rest of us. Besides that it was a good time. A little crowded but still fun.

Going to check out the fake snow.

Afton's favorite

My favorite. ha ha. "Choose peace or Burn."

Afton crashed on the walk back to the car. I would to if I got to be pushed in the stroller all comfortable wrapped in warm blankets.