Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding Preparations

We went from a low key Christmas straight into wedding preparation mode. It was only 5 days until Mike and Sarahs wedding. We got to be a big part of the preparations and planning with Sarah and her family. We had a lot of fun putting things together and making food and just being apart of the excitment.

Emery sat in the stroller and Afton blew bubbles while everyone worked on building a chandelier from mason jars.

The first idea was a no go and so was the second one so in the end we (well mostly Ashlee, neal, and my mom) built an entirely new one last minute the night before. It was beautiful... more pictures to come.

Not sure how great of an idea it was to have Logan help with making the treats. jk

Emery all smiles while everyone worked around her.

This must of been what was making her so happy or making her throw up all the time.

Making the bouquets and corsages. It was very and I mean very hard getting any flowers so close to the Rose Bowl parade.

Late nights still making treats.

Neal made the lovely photo display.