Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We made it to Fresno early enough in december to be a part of some of the fun Christmas activities. We got to go and pick the Christmas tree. We are one of the few people I think that still buy real tree's.

We stepped out of the car and this dog ran up to Afton. You know how much she loves dogs. He was really cute.

Afton wanted to get one the the tree's that were her size. We opted for something bigger.

After finding our tree we all went home and started getting ready for my parents ward party. We missed our ward party but were lucky to get to go to a couple while we were in fresno.

My sweet little spit up girl.

Aunt Ashlee made them really cute Christmas shirts.

Our tree. It took us a couple days to find time to decorate it all together. Too much going on.

This ornament makes me laugh. We call it the Bah Humbug ornament. The nursery leader gave this to me and said it took 2 weeks to get Afton to let them take a picture of her and then she wouldn't smile. ha ha. She's so random.