Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flying with young kids alone is never fun...

I'm usually just trying to survive. Our flights from Puerto Rico back to Fresno for christmas break was long and exhausting. We had 3 very short layovers so we ended up running from one plane to the next. The kids did great on the first 2 flights. By great I mean they weren't crying or throwing tantrums but that doesn't mean it was easy. Our last leg of the journey from LA to Fresno Emery cried pretty much the entire flight. Yah I was that mom that everyone hates and gives evil looks to. Nothing could console her. Luckily it was our shortest flight of the day. I think she was just tired of not having a good nap. Taking naps in someones lap just isn't the same as a crib. I was so grateful when the plane landed in Fresno. I felt like kissing the ground and crying all at the same time. I distinctly remember telling my mom and sister at the gate as they greeted us that "I will never do that again!" I lied. I'm sure I'll do it atleast another half dozen times before we leave Puerto Rico.

Emery threw up on me probably 6 different times. Finally I had to take my sweatshirt off because it smelt awful. Oh I can't wait for her to grow out of the spit up and throw up stage!

One of many naps!

I blew it! Logan had the iphone loaded with all sorts of games and videos for the trip and the night before i decided to plug it into my computer to add a few songs. It wasn't until we were on our flight that I figured out it had wiped everything off that he had put on it and only left the music and one game I added!! So out went the plan to entertain Afton with the phone. I even tried buying a movie during one of our short layovers and it wasn't working. I won't do that again!