Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter

Easter was great this year. It's fun to see Afton get so excited about it. And then Emery gets excited because she see's Afton getting excited.

Our ward had a great Easter Activity. It started with going door to door of the church building and learning about Christ and what Easter is really about. Afton picking out an egg from each room and opening it to see what was inside and hearing how those things represented Christ. I'm glad they found a fun way to tell what Easter is really about, not the easter bunny. After that activity was over the kids got to run outside and start looking for eggs. A few of the eggs had been taken over by the hot sun and the crazy ants here in PR, but there were still tons of eggs

Emery just watching the choas.

Filling up her bag!
I became the bag holder when afton realized finding eggs and holding her bag at the same time was slowing her down.
The loot. Poor Emery had no idea what she was holding.
Going to town on her candy.
Later that night we colored eggs. Afton loves coloring the eggs... what kids doesn't
The finished project.