Wednesday, April 18, 2012

La Cueva de Ventana

After getting back to PR we decided to go explore something new together as a family. This island has a lot to do, we just have such little time with Logans intense schedule. We found a Saturday where we had a free afternoon and decided to check out some caves that are about an hour from our house. It was pretty awesome. The caves are amazing.

On the trail to the caves. You park at a gas station then walk up a hill. There aren't any signs, just a path.

We somehow managed to forget the baby bjorne at home. I decided to stay with Emery while Afton and Logan explored one of the smaller caves that had a slick entrance. We also forgot flashlights... clearly the trip was not well planned. Luckily we had lights on our phones that were bright enough.

Entrance to the first cave

Entrance to The Window Cave

Someone has carved out steps. It looks steeper and a harder climb than it really was.

After you climb down the entrance you have to walk through a pitch black cave for a while. it was a little creepy but very cool. It starts to get lighter than you turn a corner and ta da:

Sitting down feeding the Louster

The view is amazing.